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[GTC BRIEF 2020-1-2] Korea’s CTCN pro bono activities: experiences and lessons learned

Publication : 20-12

조회 : 2378

Author : NIGT

[Korea’s CTCN pro bono activities: experiences and lessons learned]

○ Authors

Wona Lee, Rywon Yang

○ Highlights

- This brief describes the Republic of Korea’s seven pro bono technical assistances(TAs) already completed or near completion; one adaptation, four mitigation and two cross-cutting.

- Through such experiences, best practices of scale-up opportunities were identified. In such cases, the distinctive role of the intermediaries and the

NDEs were defined as the key feature of Korea’s CTCN pro bono support.

- Korea seeks to continue its efforts to scale up its pro bono support tostrengthen the linkages between the Technology Mechanism and the Financial Mechanism and gain insights from its past experiences through developing a feedback loop for future pro bono support.



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